Technical Summary
Q3 2021 - CryptoBullsNft
  • CBNT Token launch.
  • CryptoBullsNft platform early access for indie game developers.
  • First NFT pre-orders. CBNT wallet.
Q4 2021 - CryptoBullsNft
  • Full-scale crowdfunding platform launch.
  • Payout tracking system. In order to prevent funding scams and platform misuse, all projects posted for funding will be reviewed and require KYC.
  • Automatic NFT release upon project delivery.
  • CryptoBullsNft API - for direct CBNT economy integration in-game (Unity 3D and Unreal engine plugins).
    • In-game wallet solution.
    • Marketplace solution for Unity 3D and Unreal engine.
Q1-2 2022 - CryptoBullsNft
  • CryptoBullsNft marketplace launch (to trade and buy NFTs).
  • Auction system integration.
  • Direct CBNT token purchase on the CryptoBullsNft platform.
  • Direct purchase of CBNT with FIAT currency.
Q3-4 2022 - CryptoBullsNft
  • CryptoBullsNft mobile app for iOS and Android.
  • API for mobile games. CryptoBullsNft API integrations for iOS and Android game development.
  • Introduction of additional NFT types: Music, Videos, Movies.
How does it work?
CryptoBullsNft - is powered by ETH based CBNT. Once you get CBNT you are eligible to purchase any NFT assets or product on the CryptoBullsNft network. NFTs generated by the creator will be automatically released once the project is delivered or NFTs are listed for sale or outbid by the current holder. To make deposits of coins from the exchange you can transfer your coins at any time to your CryptoBullsNft account, where you'll see your balance and owned NFT. In order to make withdrawals of CBNT or NFT, you'll have to provide your ETH wallet and pass the KYC.
Using proven and audited technology and best practices is the way to maximize security. The basic infrastructure on CryptoBullsNft is built by integrating already existing solutions and practices that have been proven over time.
The encrypted seed phrase, along with other sensitive data like addresses, keys, and account data, is securely saved in the browser’s local storage. No online app, website, or provider can access any of that secured data - the user remains with total control over their wallet. To store and manage accounts, MetaMask’s Eth-Keyring library is used. We leverage audited and proven open source solutions to minimize the possibility of error.
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